Posted: December 21, 2012 in Blogging
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I’ve decided that I need to keep a blog again, but this time I’m moving it to wordpress if only, because I hear that the “serious” bloggers go to wordpress. I could start with an introduction, but I figure that I’ll probably cover that by finishing my “About Me” page. To give you a summary of myself: I’m a woman who recently turned thirty and is looking for a way to channel her writing inspiration into something much more constructive than just staring at my computer screen and hoping the words will appear as if by magic. I’m an extremely avid gamer (bordering upon addiction) and won’t go anywhere without my Xbox 360. I also have recently became engaged to a man that I’m sure will make the best husband ever, particularly because he’s an even bigger geek than I am. That about covers the important bits really.

Well, it’s Friday again (same time every week) and I’m laying in bed trying to make myself sleepy. I work weekend option at my job, nights on top of that, and so my bedtime is at eight a.m. Yeah, my work week begins when yours ends. Sometimes people seem to forget that there are folks who choose to work on the weekends. You honestly wouldn’t believe the benefits of working a weekend 3-day shift. I get to do a lot more than anyone else when it comes to weekday things. The only bad thing is that I don’t get to spend weekend time with my friends and family. So many people forget that I’m a night-shifter as well. That is almost slightly more annoying than when they forget that I work on Saturdays. My lovely fiance has even modeled his schedule around mine so that we can spend time together. He is the best man I’ve ever met.

I’m currently in the process of trying to work on a few things for the upcoming life events. First, I’m going to be looking for a new place to share with my soon-to-be husband. We’re going to try to get our bills in order and get everything settled before I move on to the next thing I need to be planning: our wedding. The wedding is probably the biggest reason why I started this blog. I was needing something to log things into. I’m lazy and bounce back and forth between other things so quickly that I figured the more the merrier, right?

To be quite honest, I’m frightened by the prospect of the wedding itself. There’s so much to tackle before then and it’s a lot of work. I’m not one that enjoys having a whole hell of a lot of work. There’s just so much to consider before it gets anywhere near done. I’m going to plan for it as if my parents and future in-laws may not be able to help. I’d rather be prepared and have extra money left over than to rely on their contributions and not have it when I really need it. I’m going to try to find a way to save up about $5,000 between now and October just so I can have what I need for anything and everything. This is about ten times what I’m saving right now, but I’m determined to find a way. I suppose I’m just setting a super-huge goal and hoping I hit it. Honestly, I don’t think I will, but I think it’s something I want to try.

Oh, well. I’ll figure all these things out eventually, I’m sure.


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