Snowpocalypse 2012

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Blogging
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King of Christmas

He crowned himself the “King of Christmas.”

On December 26th, Arkansas took a snow day.

For the first time in a while, we got a heavy dose of snow in December. It’s a pretty rare thing for us to get snow in this part of the country before January or February and it rarely stays around longer than 24 hours. Extremely early in the morning on Wednesday, we started getting sleet and the temperature dropped. Sometime before sunrise, it all became snow and my state flipped… its… shit. I have friends from St. Louis and Dayton who know what this thing called “snow,” is and, apparently, it’s really cold and pretty. In fact, my buddy from Dayton says that we seemed to have gotten a little piece of their Ohio weather before they did. I told him he could keep his damn weather. We want no part of it here.

My boss tried to call me in for Wednesday night, but I was way out of town (nearly an hour away from work itself rather than 20 minutes) and the road conditions were highly questionable. I could not head home that morning due to at least four inches of fresh snow everywhere and I didn’t know if I could get out of town by the afternoon in order to head straight to work. The other weekend girl was able to go in for the evening and so I was saved from having to work yet another extra day. I totally owe that woman so much and so I need to get to that sometime.

Prior to that, my fiance and I had Christmas with his family and it was pretty damn splendid. My mother and his mother are, apparently, on the same wavelength, because both our stockings (yes, she even had a stocking for me) were filled in a rather similar fashion. There was at least one gift in mine that was exactly the same as one my mother got. It was that damn LED spiked bouncy ball! Now I have two and it’s great!

I got so many other lovely gifts, but the three “matching” gifts that I got from my man were a great big surprise. The first gift, which he could not stop himself from giving to me Monday night, was a shirt from that said “Look at me still talking when there’s science to do.” It is such a great portal reference that I could not help, but be excited. We both ended up wearing them to his parents’ house Tuesday morning for Christmas.

The next lovely thing I got from him was a very awesome Aperture Science pint glass. I was so shocked when I opened it. Mostly, this was because I didn’t know they made one! Great, great stuff there. I love it and haven’t decided if I’m just going to put it somewhere to show it off or actually use it. Depends on if the paint is going to come off or not. I think I may use it.

My Turret

I have a shocked look on my face and he has a genuine smile.

Last, but not least, was the greatest present of all. He got me a plush Portal turret with motion and light sensors. I knew they made them, but I’d never actually considered buying one for myself simply, because I didn’t know where to put it. My wonderful man, though, he doesn’t think like that. Instead, he thinks about how much stuff that he can get to make me happy. Probably one of the most giving men I’ve ever met really. I’m acquiring so much more junk. I’m going to have to find a place to display all this stuff!

My soon-to-be in-laws got us both a sweet, sweet present. They got us a pair of foo dogs for the front door of our new place. They’re supposed to provide protection and prosperity for our family so I think that’s a wonderful thing. I like things steeped in history and mythos so I’m really happy with them. We also received a black dragon door knocker from them and I absolutely cannot wait to put it up on the door to our new apartment when we get there. Well, when we decide where “there” is.

I think the last thing I’m going to leave here before I go to bed for work tonight is a photo of my man and his new hat. I got Vanity Smurf. My brother received a sock monkey. My man? He got… Batman!

I'm Batman!

This is, quite possibly, the best winter cap ever created!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have a very happy new year!


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