Sick Night

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Blogging
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I’ve been sick for almost a week.

Everyone who has seen me knows this. I am not a happy person when I’m ill. I whine and sleep a lot. I get that from my father, I’m sure. I also feel as if I’m going to die and so that’s probably why I whine so much. I managed to learn something about being sick though. I learned that I practically have to sell my soul to get one day off when I’m sick.

I’m not going to lie, we’re pretty much short-staffed at our work, but we’re working on the situation. If I could have waited two more months to be sick then this one sick night would not have been a problem, but I don’t choose when I’m sick. What bothers me more than the short staffing is the fact that I was told I would have to find my own coverage for my sick day. Why? Isn’t that why I have a supervisor to begin with? I guess not. Again, I understand our shortage and I actually tried to get someone, but she was going out of town and I wasn’t going to even think about ruining that. I just dislike how hard it is for me to even take a day off.

This isn’t so much a rant about my job as it is about the way things get managed in a small town place. I love my job. There’s no other place that I’d like to work. It’s sometimes extremely difficult and challenging, but the people there are good people who try their hardest (for the most part). I like serving my community and helping take care of those that need it. I never thought of myself as someone that enjoys helping others before I got this job, but apparently I am. It’s a good feeling when you help someone.

Tonight, on the one sick day that I could weasel out of my boss, I did nothing, but sleep and cough. It’s not a bad thing. I did need the rest and, since I hadn’t been able to sleep for three days, all the sleeping I did today was wonderful. The pain in my neck that I’ve had all week has finally subsided and I got to play some rounds of Gears 3 Horde and Magic 2013 with some of my people. It was a nice relaxing time. Had a heating pad on my neck and just chilled for a while.

My dearly beloved sent me a text message earlier tonight and told me that we were a go for moving this next week. He was going to pick up the keys Sunday and we’ll begin the big part of the move this week. I am really excited about this though I have nothing packed to take. I was sick all week so I just decided not to pack at all. Couldn’t do it. I was just too tired and cranky really. Thankfully, most of the big stuff is stored close to him and we’re going to be moving it first. My smaller stuff can be moved later when we get the bigger stuff situated. I’m really looking forward to the completion of the whole thing.

Right now, I’m in the middle of trying to cook dinner. I’ve eaten a hell of a lot less now that I’m sick. I just don’t feel like putting out the effort to eat when I’m sick and can’t breathe. I decided that I’m hungry tonight and am thawing some pork chops so that I can bake them like I did Tuesday night. I’m also going to back some potatoes with the chops in order to have a little more than meat. This is probably the most cooking I’ve done in a while. I don’t usually cook when I’m at my grandfather’s house, because he cooks so much better than I do. I just feel like flexing my culinary muscles though. It makes me feel more prepared for marriage if I can cook a few meals.

Except for the sinus and throat trouble, I’m feeling close to back to normal. I know I wouldn’t be feeling this way if I hadn’t taken the night off so my whining and being a baby seemed to have won out the day, but I’m sure I’m going to get some kind of stern talking-to when I get back to work. I mean, everyone else gets to call in half an hour before, but I can’t call in a day and a half before my work schedule. Whatever. I don’t regret my decision. I’m feeling better so I’ll deal with it when the time comes.


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