Still Sick & The Move

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Blogging
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You haven’t blogged in two weeks. You should do that.

That was what my man said to me nearly a week ago. Had it not been for me telling myself that I was way too busy or way too sick, I think I might have sat down and blogged. I was getting over everything and then started to come down with a sore throat and sinus trouble again Tuesday night. Ugh. It’s getting damn annoying to be constantly sick. I may have to actually go see my physician this week if I don’t start feeling better. Part of me thinks that the reason I keep getting sick is because my significant other likes to live in a FREEZER! Every time I wake up my nose is running and my throat is sore, because our new bedroom is so damn cold and he has the ceiling fan running. I don’t know if we need to change any of the arrangements we have or what, but I’m going to have to do something eventually if I don’t get better.

So, the new apartment is much better than I expected. The tile floors are extremely cold, I picked us up some slippers to wear so we’re coping with that. My only problem is that I keep taking mine off in different places and forgetting where they are. I have to go hunt them down every time I want to wear them. We have central heat and air rather than wall-mounted/window-mounted units and it’s nice. I really did want central air, because I grew up with it. I like it better.

We had some amazing luck during the move and things have turned out pretty great. There were plenty of people available to help us do it and the money I had saved up since the big trip to Ohio last year came in pretty handy. I think I only had to spend $200 that wasn’t accounted for with the cash on hand and so it was a successful venture. In total, we spent about $2000 on the move, stocking the cabinets, and other necessary things. It did stretch the limits of my patience though. I’ve found that I’m not very good with moves, due to all the stress it puts on me. Plus, I got the stomach flu part of the way through the whole thing and felt unbelievably ill for two days. That didn’t help either.

Oh, and our mothers got to meet for the first time. That was pretty good. I’m happy with that and have a lot of hope for the wedding itself. It will be a nice gathering.

So far, the two weeks we’ve been here have been nice. We’re both still adjusting to each other’s normal work schedule. I’m used to staying up until eight or nine in the morning after work and he whines when I’m not in bed with him. He gets up at one in the afternoon, which is the center of my sleep cycle, and it wakes me up. Lately, though, he’s been skipping the kiss before work and letting me sleep so I don’t realize he’s gone until at least after three. That’s okay really. I miss having him in bed with me, because it gets really cold in there without him since he shuts the damn door and all the good heat is outside our room.

I guess I’m just bitching, because I am still sick and very tired. Being tired lately is what has really killed me. I’m so tired that I’m sleeping all the time, if possible, and that’s more than normal for me. I mean, I love sleep, but this is me falling asleep at random and feeling completely exhausted all the time. Yet another reason for me to go see the doctor. I suppose I should do that soon.


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