The Vacation: Day One

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Blogging
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I’m finally taking a vacation for the first time since August.

Last year, I took my winter vacation early so that my circle of Xbox friends and I could get together for a grand event on our friend Marvin’s birthday. It was a super-long drive, but the whole thing was amazing. You might not consider Ohio to be a vacation destination, but the weather at the beginning of August was splendid last year. So much cooler than Arkansas, but still summery weather.

But this isn’t about my last vacation. This is about my current vacation. Day one of the great March vacation has been nothing, but sleep, because I had to work Monday night. Sadly, this means I don’t get my normal 10 days off for vacation. Rather, I get nine, but how many people do you know that can take three days off from work and have nine days off? None, I tell you. I have yet to get up and clean the house nor have I started unpacking my stuff from the spare room. I’d like to do that soon, because I sometimes feel like a guest in my home since I don’t have any stuff sitting out and around. I’d like to organize the game/guest room a little better and get my stuff put up on the computer desk in there. I’ve been trying to think of a better way to organize the room, but it’s hard to organize a tiny room with a recliner, bed, computer desk, and entertainment center. They take up pretty much the whole room. The only reason I even care to keep the bed is due to the wedding coming up in October. It’s some place for someone else to sleep. Two people if we can convince the boys that they won’t turn gay by sleeping in the same bed together.

So, lazy day? Check.

I’m needing to unpack things and, hopefully, that’s what I’m going to do Wednesday. My man is working a few hours of overtime before picking up a few groceries so he has part of his day planned already. Saturday is planned out in full already. We’re going to a concert in Little Rock. I’m looking forward to taking my man to his first concert. It will be amazing. I’m thinking that Friday I am going to see my parents. My mother got a new car last week and my dad is just missing me and wants to see me so it would be a good thing. I do miss my parents. I also miss my grandfather.

Overall, I have to say that I’m relaxed and happy with the thought of being on vacation. I’m going to ignore any and all calls from work and deal with it later. I may just put my phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode and leave it that way for a week. Allow my favorites to go through and that’s it. It’s a good plan, but I think I’ll wait on it. I’ll think about it tomorrow. Instead, I’m going to get off my lazy butt and get dinner ready for my man since he just got home from work.

It’s a good night.


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