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I’ve been on vacation for three days already and that makes me sad.

I’m sad, because most of what I’ve done for the past three days is sleep and do nothing constructive. I did manage to put my closet together and get everything out of the floor. I’ve set my shoes out and put my suitcases on the top shelf of the big closet. I’m feeling slightly more at home in my own home now. It’s a good thing. Still looking around at the stuff in the spare room and trying to figure out where it will all go. I’ve got some family photos that I want to set out, but I’m not sure where I can set them. I kind of think that we need another table in the bedroom or some shelves in the living room so that I can put my family photos up. It’s a space issue really. A second bedroom nightstand would possibly be the easiest fix for it really. That’s what I’m leaning toward.



You haven’t blogged in two weeks. You should do that.

That was what my man said to me nearly a week ago. Had it not been for me telling myself that I was way too busy or way too sick, I think I might have sat down and blogged. I was getting over everything and then started to come down with a sore throat and sinus trouble again Tuesday night. Ugh. It’s getting damn annoying to be constantly sick. I may have to actually go see my physician this week if I don’t start feeling better. Part of me thinks that the reason I keep getting sick is because my significant other likes to live in a FREEZER! Every time I wake up my nose is running and my throat is sore, because our new bedroom is so damn cold and he has the ceiling fan running. I don’t know if we need to change any of the arrangements we have or what, but I’m going to have to do something eventually if I don’t get better.