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And I don’t mean me.

I’m considering fleshing out the ideas on my brain a little more by simply writing about the characters using a list of questions I got from the internet. There are 100 questions (some are skippable if they don’t apply) and it seems like a decent idea just to get me writing things down. I’ve been writing in holding onto a notebook a lot lately and it’s been a good feeling to have the pencil and paper in my hands. I think I’ll try working more on that as soon as possible.

I’ve got somewhere along the line of six characters in my brain right now. Only about two make sense right now. I’m hoping to figure out who these are before I do any real writing. It was always hard for me to write anything without a proper profile so maybe that’s the actual steps I should take? Write like I’m roleplaying and roleplay with myself. It’s a reasonable assumption really. Hmm.


This was written sometime within the past 12-18 months, but I only recently found it. I have done very little editing, but it’s because I wanted to just type it up and then edit it later. I’m too tired to do any edits so I’m sticking it up raw. Also, I always have trouble with paragraph formation when it comes to including or not including dialogue so if anyone could give me some pointers, I’d appreciate it.

Title: Untitled
Summary: My avatar stories are going to span multiple generations. This was something I had in my head some years ago about the present incarnations of their lives.
Word Count: 1,346


Another short piece that I finished a little less than two years ago (Nov. 2010). This goes along with my first piece: The Avatar of Water. I really want these to go together, but I haven’t figure out if I want to use the four traditional Greek elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire) or something different. There are so many ideas that I have floating about in my head. Part of me wants to incorporate “light” and “darkness” into the mix, and I have ideas along those lines, but I haven’t figured out how to do it just yet. That could possibly be something after the main story is told. Something for the sequels, of course. Well, if I ever get this thing off the ground. I’m still experimenting with what I want and how I want it to be executed. Oh, well.

Title: The Avatar of Air
Summary: The avatar of air reflects.
Word Count: 1,001


I said I would share my writing. Here’s something I wrote literally two years ago. This is one of the works that’s in my mind that I really want to focus on, because they’re completely 100% mine. No one else has inspired them (like my fan fiction). I’ve got this story floating around in my head and I want to finish it, but I haven’t been able to get the pieces together just right.

Part of me is afraid to post it up, because I feel afraid of criticism, but the only way for me to continue to evolve as a writer is to share my work. I need others to help me make it better.

Title: The Avatar of Water
Summary: The avatar of water regrets the war she was forced into.
Word Count: 658