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I missed this workshop, because I’ve been lazy, but I’m going to write a piece for it anyway. I give myself two weeks to finish it.



Mythology Workshop 2 — Here In My Cauldron:  Pick any mythological figure. The task is to craft a RECIPE. The piece needs to include various ingredients, be them mythological ingredients (ex. a dragon’s tooth) or real life ingredients. The emphasis should be on something that is actually edible or drinkable. The ingredients chosen and mixed need to represent the mythology figure that was chosen. The medium of the work is to be chosen by the artist.

— prompt via The 13th Floor Paradigm

I tried to do a lot of research before making any references or using any foreign language words. I’m sorry if I butchered anything. I’m a white, American woman. I have no flavor or yummy heritage and it makes me sad. Also, this kind of went off on a tangent before I could wrangle it back. Hopefully, that doesn’t make it less interesting. The recipe that I’m referencing is a simple Pickled Plum Rice Ball.


Mythology Workshop 2 – I’m going to participate, but I haven’t had time to decide how just yet.

Mythology Workshop 1 — Gods and Goddesses Visit the 21st Century: Loki is stuck in an elevator with a 80-year-old grandpa whose only words are a single Latin phrase (of my own choosing), “Haud ignota loquor.”

— prompt via The 13th Floor Paradigm


I’ve requested a prompt from this “workshop” creator and received one. Don’t know how well I’m going to do with this, but it’s worth a shot, right? I think so.

The story starts when your protagonist goes on a blind date.
Another character is a hacker who believes s/he is the reincarnation of a famous person.

Blind dates aren’t always fun. I’ve only been on a few, but each one has had their share of strange events and feelings. I’ve always tended to clam up or I go in the opposite direction and spew every thought that is generated in my brain, no matter how insignificant. This time I was determined to be different. I would monitor my thoughts and try to pass them through a filter before I allowed them to tumble out. I’d make a point to speak and hold a conversation rather than leaving those awkward moments of silence that always seem to unfold. I was going to do this one right and get a handle on myself in case there needed to be more dates further down the road. So far, I was zero for five and that was depressing.


We went to see Pacific Rim last night and it has me wishing I could pilot one of those gigantic machines (Jaegers) and do battle with their deadly foes (kaiju). I’ve been really wanting to write some fan fic with my own Jaegar pilots, but, honestly, that’s not somewhere I should be going if I want to finish the writing that I already have started. Then again, beggars can’t really be choosers, can they? If I want to write about Jagers, pilots, and their issues with drifting then I should do it. By the way, if you don’t know what “drift” and “neural handshake” refer to, let me share a video with you:

And if you don’t recognize Ellen McLain (the voice of GLaDOS) then I don’t want to be your friend anymore. Del Toro specifically got permission from Valve to use the GLaDOS voice filter (and then McLain herself!) for Pacific Rim, because he played through both games solo and with his daughter. I knew I liked him for some reason. Of course, the voice you hear isn’t exactly the GLaDOS filter. They tweaked her in order to make her a little more human. He called her GLaDOS 2.0 for the movie. See why I want to write this shit! It would be fun!

I asked my man if he would ever pilot a Jaeger with me and he said no. He said it would come down to me yelling “PUNCH IT IN THE FACE!” and him wanting to shank a bitch instead. Yeah, we’re not compatible in that area. I think I’d be better off drifting with my brother simply because we think a lot alike. Maybe.

Ugh, see how much I want to write for this thing! It’s so great!