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We went to see Pacific Rim last night and it has me wishing I could pilot one of those gigantic machines (Jaegers) and do battle with their deadly foes (kaiju). I’ve been really wanting to write some fan fic with my own Jaegar pilots, but, honestly, that’s not somewhere I should be going if I want to finish the writing that I already have started. Then again, beggars can’t really be choosers, can they? If I want to write about Jagers, pilots, and their issues with drifting then I should do it. By the way, if you don’t know what “drift” and “neural handshake” refer to, let me share a video with you:

And if you don’t recognize Ellen McLain (the voice of GLaDOS) then I don’t want to be your friend anymore. Del Toro specifically got permission from Valve to use the GLaDOS voice filter (and then McLain herself!) for Pacific Rim, because he played through both games solo and with his daughter. I knew I liked him for some reason. Of course, the voice you hear isn’t exactly the GLaDOS filter. They tweaked her in order to make her a little more human. He called her GLaDOS 2.0 for the movie. See why I want to write this shit! It would be fun!

I asked my man if he would ever pilot a Jaeger with me and he said no. He said it would come down to me yelling “PUNCH IT IN THE FACE!” and him wanting to shank a bitch instead. Yeah, we’re not compatible in that area. I think I’d be better off drifting with my brother simply because we think a lot alike. Maybe.

Ugh, see how much I want to write for this thing! It’s so great!


Lee has decided to go to bed early and that leaves me sitting and watching YouTube alone. I could head to bed as well, but he went to bed after I whined and so I can only assume that I’ve done something. Rather than crawl straight into bed with him, I’m going to give him his space and allow him to get to sleep before I go in there.

The past week has been full of things happening.


I’m sad that it’s Wednesday already.

I don’t feel like I’ve had a whole vacation simply, because I’ve been fielding calls/texts from work almost every day. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I swear these people can’t function without me and I’m the one that puts in the least amount of time there. I suppose that it just proves I’m a needed asset at my job? It’s still annoying to be off, but not really off.


I’ve been on vacation for three days already and that makes me sad.

I’m sad, because most of what I’ve done for the past three days is sleep and do nothing constructive. I did manage to put my closet together and get everything out of the floor. I’ve set my shoes out and put my suitcases on the top shelf of the big closet. I’m feeling slightly more at home in my own home now. It’s a good thing. Still looking around at the stuff in the spare room and trying to figure out where it will all go. I’ve got some family photos that I want to set out, but I’m not sure where I can set them. I kind of think that we need another table in the bedroom or some shelves in the living room so that I can put my family photos up. It’s a space issue really. A second bedroom nightstand would possibly be the easiest fix for it really. That’s what I’m leaning toward.


I’m finally taking a vacation for the first time since August.

Last year, I took my winter vacation early so that my circle of Xbox friends and I could get together for a grand event on our friend Marvin’s birthday. It was a super-long drive, but the whole thing was amazing. You might not consider Ohio to be a vacation destination, but the weather at the beginning of August was splendid last year. So much cooler than Arkansas, but still summery weather.


Sick Night

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Blogging
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I’ve been sick for almost a week.

Everyone who has seen me knows this. I am not a happy person when I’m ill. I whine and sleep a lot. I get that from my father, I’m sure. I also feel as if I’m going to die and so that’s probably why I whine so much. I managed to learn something about being sick though. I learned that I practically have to sell my soul to get one day off when I’m sick.